Apprenticeship - Parts Interpreter - Roma

Job No: VAN441
Location: Roma


Position Objective:

Certificate III in Automotive Sales (Parts Interpreter) Nominal Period is 36 Months

This apprenticeship involves the sales, stock control and administration in relation to automotive replacement parts such as engine, brake and transmission components, batteries, headlights and tyres, and accessories such as seat covers, tow bars and car cleaning equipment. It will be located in a retail or wholesale environment.

The apprenticeship consists of:

  • On the job training 
  • Off the job training (this is undertaken with a Registered Training Organisation and will be online)
  • Contract Duration - nominal period is 36 months

Duties will include:

  • carrying out storage and stock control procedures
  • materials handling
  • customer advice and sales activities
  • receiving and filling orders and organising dispatches
  • identifying auto parts/components using consulting catalogues, microfiche, and
  • computer databases

Parts Interpreters may provide parts for cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, trailers and agricultural, industrial and marine equipment or they may specialise in one make of vehicle.

Tasks that may be completed by a Parts Interpreter include:

  • Communicate with customers including colleagues;
  • Assists customers in repairing or replacing parts;
  • Assists with rolling stock takes;
  • Assist with the set up of showroom displays; 
  • Identify vehicle make and model as well as automotive equipment;
  • Recommends parts to customers;
  • Consults replacement parts catalogues or company computer system to identify and source parts;
  • Receives orders for parts;
  • Orders parts from company suppliers;
  • Collects, packs, dispatches or delivers ordered parts;
  • Keeps stock and sales records;
  • Prepares invoices and other finance arrangements for the sale of stock
  • Calculates sales tax, discounts and prices;
  • Processes cash or credit transactions.


  • Completion of Grade 12 preferably;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work well in a team;
  • Well organised and take a logical approach to your duties; 
  • Apply problem-solving skills; 
  • Take direction and seek advice to develop your knowledge and skill;
  • Familiar with technology;
  • Commitment to 36-month apprenticeship;
  • Commitment to completing the training as negotiated.
  • An interest in Ag machinery, trucks, tractors, etc 
  • Ability to learn computer systems;
  • Possessing a current drivers licence is highly desirable. 

Further enquiries for this apprenticeship should be directed to Megan Bishop, Roma Parts Manager on 0412 718 410


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